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「兩周一聚」網上約會的構思自零八年十月搞的一次網上「秋天派對」後成立,定期約會的意念則來自法博格 “Rédac’ du Mois" 。


第一期 Mugen C 出題的「我有一部時光機」至第十期周游出的「我博十六點」之間,先後共有四十九位博友參與,約會越搞越大越來越熱鬧,周游提議替「兩周一聚」開博,不少博客贊同,「兩周一聚」博格就此成立。

michelle / 2009年3月

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  1. 三月 20, 2009 16:04

    Great suggestion 周游. I like the idea of having a new photo for each issue, like a magazine as 周游 said.

    I say we can do this,

    1) let the person who sets the topic provide a photo for this use, or
    2) the editors (you super helpful C9s) can pick a suitable photo from different photo sites like Flick’s Creative Common area for this use. Here, the first three groups should be completely safe as long as we follow their very straight forward licensing terms (attribution, etc).


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