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一月 5, 2010


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  1. joe.kel permalink
    一月 9, 2010 11:45

    Hi All,

    I am really interested. Could you advise what the new members need to do?
    Also my chinese is not so good. Am I still qualified?
    Sorry if I do not meet your standard.
    Thanks a lot!!!

    • 一月 9, 2010 18:14

      Thanks a lot for your interest joe.kel ! new members will join to update the articles and to provide new ideas for our website… Am sure that you would be able to do it too! However for the moment we may prefer bloggers who have already written somethings on the topics of 兩周一聚. So please don’t worry, if you are in the list of 作者你們, you are already on the candidate list! joe.kel, would you leave us your blog’s address too ? you are always welcome to join and write with us on the common topics, twice a month 😀 Looking forwards to seeing you soon !

      • joe.kel permalink
        一月 10, 2010 00:06

        Hi Michelle,

        Thanks for yr reply.
        I will try to write something for submission once my Chinese has improved!


  2. 一月 6, 2010 17:14

    I am interested…

    However, I am not sure if I meet the high standard you folks have set so far :(…

    • 一月 8, 2010 13:03

      Thanks Random Coil!
      Don’t forget you have been also one of contributors for 2w1G’s high standard.
      Let’s work together to keep it up!

  3. Sze permalink
    一月 6, 2010 00:08

    I am interested 🙂

  4. 火羽 permalink
    一月 5, 2010 21:01

    舉手~ 多多指教!!


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