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十月專題 : 「兩周一聚」之友來祝賀

十月 28, 2009

作者 : Haricot, Horac, Kempton, Tsubasa

「兩周一聚」之友在其第一屆茶會精髓中提到 :

* Happy One-year Anniversary:  The participants would like to raise their tea-cups and congratulate our readers, especially the organizers, on this special occasion of the one-year anniversary of 「兩周一聚」2weeks1gather.

“May you always, be a dreamer,
May your wildest dreams come fulfilled;
May old acquaintances be remembered;
And our cups of kindness filled !!! “

(Modified lyrics from the song “May You Always" )

原文摘錄自 KemptonHaricot

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  1. 十月 29, 2009 00:11

    在填詞方面, 果然在西方的兩周一聚博友比香港的更有深度.


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