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六月 27, 2009

作者 :  加燦


雪兒 has never said anything to us or shown us any feeling until she started screaming in pain this past February. She is normally icy like some HK movie stars and don’t usually show us her warm side. That is, until that sad day in February.

Initially, she started making some funny noises which we had no idea what it meant. But in fact, she was getting sicker by the minute. We later found out that she was having a high fever, a fever that end up seriously hurting 雪兒. And then a few days later,雪兒 started screaming non-stop, and we could still hear her scream even her door was closed!

We got so worried about 雪兒 that we ate all her ice cream! So 雪兒 had a high fever and eventually burned her brain out. Here is a picture of 雪兒’s brain. (Warning: graphic detail)

Brain of our fridge

Her brain plus the surgeon’s operation cost was quite expensive. But she is now back to normal, being icy cold again. Here is a picture of our 雪兒 with her usual contents.

Our fridge

Note the Cream Soda in the bottom left, they are our “Champagne”, reserved for special occasion. 🙂

Plus the MIT (Made in Taiwan) sushi vinegar as we are learning to make our own sushi and quite enjoy our creations.

We are using our maple syrup (from Wal-Mart) in our home make milk shake. Quite tasty.

The glass bottles in plastic bags (bottom left) are preserved bean curdand shrimp paste. 🙂 No way we let them stinking up our beloved 雪兒.

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  1. 六月 28, 2009 04:24


    I wished I had a spare brain in a jar! 🙂

    May be one of our fellow 【兩周一聚】 bloggers in the medical profession have brains in a jar at home. I unfortunately (or fortunately) don’t. 🙂

  2. 六月 28, 2009 04:08

    >> … But she is now back to normal, being icy cold again.

    Did you check the label on the brain-jar first?

  3. 六月 28, 2009 00:54

    thanks chilli mom. Sounds yummy, where do you get 黑芝麻醬? Do they come in a bottle or do you have to grind them yourself?

  4. 六月 27, 2009 16:33

    我鍾意 maple syrup 搽麵包,加埋黑芝麻醬,好香。


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