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兩周一聚 ICON 設計召集

四月 5, 2009


WordPress 的 Blavatar,是每個網誌的嘜頭或 ID icon,最常見於URL bar 前端那小小的16 x 16 pixel方格、或留言時的 ICON。

你認為兩周一聚採用中式篆刻圖章好,抑或Andy Warhol 的原色面膜妙?

請將設計好的正方形 ICON作品以jpg 存檔寄來: 2weeks1gather(at)gmail dot com,
註明 ICON Design 及設計師大名,截止日期為4月30日

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  1. 五月 15, 2009 01:33

    I will be submitting via g-mail a low-res picture that does not look good on full-screen but should be all right as a small “Blavatar".

  2. humptidumpti permalink
    四月 28, 2009 18:41

    btw, as i m new to WORDPRESS, i have a quick question about that ‘icon’ showing in from of the message that i’ve posted. Actually, i have already uploaded a JPG, and i can see that displaying in front of my blog’s url, except when i m posting comment on other pages, just like the above…!?

    could anyone please give me some clue? thank you.

    • 四月 29, 2009 13:08

      nice trial posted at your blog humptidumti:D
      awaiting for your entries at 兩周一聚 email.

      about your “Gravatar" as wordpress calls it, you can go into your profile setting page and upload the icon there. once the new setting is saved, your icon will be showing whenever leaving a comment at any wordpress blogs.

      • humptidumpti permalink
        四月 29, 2009 13:39

        o, thx, let me try setting that up again.

        btw, did i just happen to have dizzy eyes? I thought i saw a post/message saying that the deadline for the logo has been postponed to 13May… but then I can’t fifnd that msg anymore today. I was still thinking perhaps i can export the files and send you the JPGs after i come back from my trip on MON.

        anyway, no worry, let me try to do that tonight.

        • 四月 29, 2009 14:40

          no hurry, the deadline is indeed postponed to MAY 15, as stated in the latest post on 新鮮文章.

  3. humptidumpti permalink
    四月 28, 2009 18:37

    dear editors, i’ve put up a post regarding the ICON design with design options in it at the link below –兩周一聚-icon/

    Since you’ve given a little bit more time, I will soon convert those JPGs and send them to the gmail.

  4. humptidumpti permalink
    四月 24, 2009 05:27

    hi, i m new to this blog and your ‘group’ … and perhaps to the whole blogging thing
    love you guys’ idea, it’s awesome to make this bi-weekly webgazine. & it’s definitely fun to create an ID for the webgazine, would be interesting to give it a go. 8)

  5. 四月 5, 2009 13:03

    Thanks 周游 for cooking up this fun and interesting design challenge. Interested designers can certainly help put a new 嘜頭 for us. Very cool.

    Every design has its restrictions and challenges. I remember Google’s journey of their little “g". That was a fun process,


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